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01. Our Vision

A just, equitable and sustainable world in which every person enjoys the right to a life of dignity, freedom from poverty Sickness and all forms of oppression.

02. Our Mission

AMC will provide specialist health care services to as many people in Remote Areas Like Thar in Sindh, Pakistan, as possible who have health care needs that they cannot access through the public health system and cannot afford private health care.

03. our Philiosphy

We believe secure, informed, intellectual, productive and just societies emerge when wealth and resources are distributed effectively to those that are most in need with the intent that those communities are empowered through education, training and self sustainability programs.

Latest Causes


Our poverty relief and health projects are both environmentally friendly and long-term. Hand-to-mouth care is not something we believe in. We work hard to insure that everyone we encounter has integrity, freedom, and a bright future.

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do; without them, we wouldn't be able to put in place highly productive projects that benefit the vulnerable and disadvantaged both in Australia and abroad.

We need your continuous support. Customer care, testing, editing, festivals, finance, and human resources are only a few of the places where you can volunteer.

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We’re committed to listening to our supporters, respecting their rights and reporting back to them about our work. We welcome your feedback about how we’re doing. If you have feedback, questions or wish to make an anonymous report please contact us.
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